Film Investment

A film is more than just a recording of the day, it is an investment into a vision that you are going to want to watch time and time again.  It is an investment for the short term celebrations as well as for the long term legacy that you will hold forever.  


Short term, you will all want to celebrate after the wedding, the good times, the memories, things that were said and moments that you had.  Already some of our trailers have been watched over 150 times through private links.  So that is the couple, family, friends watching only.  All joining in the reminiscence of your day and continuing to support your celebrations way afterwards.


Your wedding film is also an investment long term.  As you creep towards your twilight years you will look back more and more with fond memories and start to appreciate more and more just how stunning you both looked.  Your facial expressions, your personalities, your body language, even your voice will seem so different that you will turn to your partner and say that you were glad you got a film made.


The most glaring point that needs to be made here is that the video is completely unobtrusive.  We use photography cameras and lenses and only use them during moments so the rest of the time we look like a guest.  No huge rigs and shoulder camera with cables and massive tripods stomping over you. Just light snaps cameras appearing once in a while no different to your guests filming you walking down the isle with their cameras.


Being a Video teacher and a wedding specialist for 5 years we can do everything that little bit more awesome without the awkward feelings involved.  Looking for a perfect fit for you day and that is us.

“legacy / celebrations / comfort / unobtrusive / minimal fuss / hidden camera”

Bridal Preparations to first Dance Wedding Film + FIRST GLANCE Film

Exclusive for all of our clients. There is 1 price for full day coverage including the evening after the first dance.  This also includes a context meeting and a reconnaissance of the venue.  Additional location and travel footage is also required for the destination part of the story.  You receive 1 x 3+ minute trailer and 1 x 45+ minute film, our trailers are given our signature stylistic and cinematic editing treatment.  A First glance pre-wedding video shoot is also included.  All travel & Accomodation included. Please get in touch for further information.  For video examples please visit.



Exclusive for all of our VIP Clients. There is 1 price for 5 days of coverage.  This also includes a context meeting and a reconnaissance of the venue.  Additional location and travel footage is also required for the destination part of the story.  You receive 1 x 3+ minute trailer and 1 x 45+ minute film, our trailers are given our signature stylistic and cinematic editing treatment. A First glance pre-wedding video shoot is also included.  All travel & Accomodation included.   Discretion and safeguarding encoding.  Please get in touch for further information.


Wedding films to treasure.

Aberdeen Wedding Videographer.jpg

The style of the city requires the best Banff Wedding Videographer...


Your wedding story starts here


Your wedding story should be unique to you, comfortable for you, and memorable for you.


From start to finish, with our due care, and attention to detail; as well as our understanding of your personal needs.  This is how your day will be with us.

Your day begins as you have some fun with the girls, and you transform from beautiful to stunning. We will join in the fun and capture your dress, perfume and special treasures as well as one or two getting ready shots. This is a time you will lovingly look back on, the magic before the moment, in Banff.
Along the way before your ceremony begins you will be met with surprises, friends reunited and breath taking moments.
Once the transformation has been complete, regardless of light we want to get that image that works for you. That Banff light is something else too, such an exciting ethereal feel
As you make your way to the Banff ceremony location, the place where it all begins, remember to take a deep breath.
After your ceremony there will be a moment where all of your guests will want to see you. See how smart, elegant and beaming you both are. As a way to show their affection they will want to throw some confetti your way.
The boys and girls will be there for you to help you through your journey, support you, guide you, and join in the celebrations with you.
After your group shots you will embark on a beautiful journey you will only truly treasure after your day. This is the time to be alone, to be together, that moment where you come off the rollercoaster to breathe and look around and appreciate the beautiful grounds. At this moment, we want you to be the most comfortable and we want to help you to be the best version of yourselves at the same time.
Beautiful light can be artificial and can be created. Whilst we have a huge rage of videography edited under beautiful natural light, there are many times throughout the day where there is very little light to work with. Luckily we know exactly how to work with every lighting condition thrown at us thus far. We prepare, we plan, for your convenience in all lighting situations. All Banff venues need top of the range lighting experience.
It is those little details that you will want to remember from the day.
Of course, whether you are a little bit shy, a little bit fun, a little bit quirky, weddings are a place where you want to have a little bit of play. The spirit of your wedding will be perfectly captured by a Banff wedding videographer.
After the speeches, the guests come to life and turn your wedding venue into your very own home for the day. With your wedding it becomes your place with your story.
Alive at night. At this point in the night you would be expecting to feel the lull from such an emotional and jam packed day but you will get your second wind and continue though as the party starts, you will be adrenalised. This will be the night to remember!.