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The Barn On The Bay, Druridge Bay, Northumberland

Northumberland is one of my favourite places to visit because it has a coastline dotted with beautiful stops, like at Druridge Bay.

So, along my travels I was photographing a few couples so that we could get familiar with working together ready for their big day.  And of course we were in Druridge Bay enjoying a nice stroll along the beautiful sun-bleached sands, whilst the wind created little tornados of light-scattered particles across our feet.  And we listen.  Listen to what Northumberland is.  That calm breeze that is almost silent, but for the light lapping of the waves darkening and marking their boundary, before stretching to the horizon.

An elderly man is walking his dog, pipe in hand, a checkered cap and moustache slightly stained.  Hello. Hi there.  The couple play with the West Yorkshire Terrier as the man proceeds to direct me.  You're a photographer eh?  A wedding photographer.  You might want to go and have a look at the new wedding venue at Calico Barn, it's their open day.  

I had 30 minutes free before my next appointment.  I'm the barn-guy, (as some people call me), my lunch can wait.


Arriving at The Barn On the Bay

Shortly after leaving my lovely couple, I put the postcode for Barn on the Bay into my 2 Sat Navs (NE61 5EQ).  I saw that it lay between Druridge Bay and Cresswell.  As I arrived at the destination I drove down this beautiful country lane, which had a small building on the peak of what is known as Hemscott hill.  To my right here was a new and exciting venue to look at, to my left, a view of the sand dunes before the very beach I had just left.

Tipis, check.  Barn check.  Ceremony room also check.  I have become a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to barns, as I mainly photograph rustic and vintage venues.  I love them of course.   But at Barn on the Bay there were some other features I had not come across before.


A Quirky Barn Wedding Venue

Upon walking through the venue I was first met with the Hemscott Hill farm owner, Alison.  Hello, how are you?  Is this your venue? Yes, yes it is.  Straight away, I picked up on the ethos of the venue through Alison's calm and friendly tone.  As we went inside I met Phil her partner who was of a very similar relaxed and approachable demeanour.  The inside of what would be the ceremony soon was nicely decorated and in ready shape, for a ceremony, which was great to see from a new venue.  


They went on to tell me a little about the venue.  You can hire the venue exclusively for 2 days.  Cool.  And there is accommodation in the bunkhouse for 16 people. Great stuff.

So lets get to the important stuff, there is a bar outside?  Yes its our mobile bar, The Old Dog and Duck mobile bar, accompanied by the mobile tea room, Herbert The Horse Box. Awesome.


Barn On The Bay Wedding Reviews


So after a very quick look around and a few snaps, I can definitely say congratulations to the really lovely owners Alison and Phil for putting so much effort and care into this venue.  A special mention goes to Ruby Tuesday's Event Styling and Emma Bunting who both helped develop the style of the inner ceremony room.  

The Barn on the Bay wedding venue looks the part and definitely has its own rustic and vintage themes as well as a very unique look.  Its ready to be a fun packed venue for a bride who likes the outdoors, the beach and the barn and farm environment.  Its lovely and theres nothing really like it.  

The Barn on the Bay typically lends itself more towards a relaxed wedding party who like it a little quirky and lean towards that festival vibe. It is very cool to have a venue like this on our doorstep in Northumberland.  And I expect many a bride to be excited to have their wedding here.  

After a near kiss with a cow my adventure continued on... please follow my blog if you liked this adventure and more will come.


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