"Photograph of the year" ITV

Doxford Barns style


My 100th Wedding was also DOXFORD Barns's 1st wedding.

Since then we have grown together, Doxford Barns owners are big fans of my work and I am a big fan of Doxford Barns and the staff.

 I think some places you work as an outsider and that is all you are. But when you become a part of somewhere, everything gets that little bit more special.  

How?  Well we know how each other work which means schedules run smoother.  Surroundings.  I know the surroundings like the back of my hand and many a photo taken here, I took first in each area.

What works also aside from friendship and experience is my approach.  Doxford like relaxed and creative.  Me too.  So it all works well for everyone.  The brides, like you who pick this fantastic venue, do so because you want something relaxed and a bit different and beautiful at the same time.  If you can put your own stamp on it, you have a different wedding story to tell and that is why every wedding you will see here looks so different.

Design + personalisation + fun = a wedding to remember...


Doxford Barns Wedding Photos - KIELLY + SKYLOR - The FAIRYTALE wedding story

Doxford Barns is a venue I am booked for consistently just because the kind of brides who book Doxford Barns are looking for something relaxed and fun.   My approach for Skylor and Kielly was more natural and romantic as this was what they were looking for.  Knowing Doxford Barns like the back of my hand I know the best spots for the best designs.

Doxy is one of my favourite places to work, I always bring hoe the gold when I work at Doxford. 

Wedding Story Design: Documentary / natural / romantic.

"A fairytale wedding needs to have a story, a resolve of love and its is the photographers job to make it then look like the fairytale it is" - Paul Liddement

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” ― Diane Arbus

"We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on our wedding day. Your presence on the day was calming and friendly and like you said, you just slotted in like another guest. The shots you showed us on the day were just amazing and we are so excited to see the final shots when you have edited them etc. We know you put a lot of hard work into this process!  Wow! The Wedding-Storyboard and photos you posted look AMAZING! We are so so excited and grateful for such wonderful photos! That's very funny you were on the same plane as Lee to New York! :) And yes we are absolutely fine with photos in a magazine! Quite exciting actually! Haha.  

Looking through them just made me smile so much, you captured the very essence of the day and it reminded me of just how brilliant the whole day was!! I was smiling looking at every photo! :) Thank you so so much!! The photos are absolutely stunning. You are so talented. Once again thank you so much Paul. We knew when we spoke to you the first time on Skype you were going to be a perfect match for us & our wedding and you have just exceeded all of our expectations!! We are delighted to have had you as our photographer :) We will forever have the most beautiful photos to remember our most special day. " Kielly.



Wedding Story Design: Paul Liddement Wedding Stories www.paulliddement.com

Venue: Doxford Barns www.doxfordweddings.com

Dress Design: Maggie Sottero Jorie: YAP Bridal www.yapbridal.co.uk

Makeup Artist: Stephanie Wilson.

Hair Stylist: Nikki McBeth                        

Floristry: Sharon Wright: Wild With Love    www.wildwithlove.co.uk

Bunting: Self made + WWL

Live Music: Nathan Armstrong Ceilidh Band





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