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The Wedding-Storyboard.  What is it?  The wedding storyboard originally came from my teaching days where I used to discover the story we were telling during filmmaking.  

A wedding storyboard is a unique way to display those ideas and to show a personal investment in the wedding rather than having an assembly line approach.  On your day you will always be different to a regular day.  Your adrenaline will be flowing and your spirit will be at an all time high.  So I have to be adaptable on your day.  As I fit into your needs and treasure your unique personalities, I will see a story unfolding in front of me.  The storyboard is how I string it all together in my mind.  I love meeting people, whether a little shy, a little proud or a little loud, I want you to be yourselves.

 Lets tell your story together!


Clare + Dean's // Wedding-Storyboard from Newton Hall, Northumberland.

30th March 2018

Methods: Romantic / Artistic / Documentary / Natural


Clare and Dean were friends of mine so i was delighted that they wanted me to be a part of their special day.  They had looked around too to see what other options there were but liked how natural my work was and they wanted something a bit more personal too.  Being their photographer for the day only brought me closer to them as a friend so I am glad of the experience and it was lovely to share some lovely moments with them both.  Thanks again guys!  Love_life+family-PL xx

Gemma + Daniel's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn Northumberland.

17th March 2018

Methods: Romantic / Artistic / Fun-Loving / Natural


More wintery wedding pictures as we go to Northumberland for this wonderland wedding.  Daniel and Gemma complimented each other wonderfully.  The weather on their day was very cold, windy with intervals of snow so we used the grounds and indoor areas more.  It was lovely to see Gemma look so happy, Daniel was a great personality with a fun sense of humour and the venue fitted them perfectly.   I wish you both the very best in life and it was lovely to be part of your winter wonderland wedding.  Love_life+family-PL xx


Tobi + Tom's // Wedding-Storyboard from The Baltic and the Vermont Hotel, Gateshead and Newcastle.

3rd March 2018

Methods: Romantic / Quirky / Fun-Loving / Natural


This was the wedding that never went viral and we wanted to keep it that way.   Tobi and Tom had to cancel the wedding the day before due to heavy snowfallI.  It was announced on local radio by a bridesmaid as they needed a new venue away from the cut off areas of Northumberland.  The Baltic and the Vermont both stepped in and saved the day.  When I got the call my bags were packed along with my shovel and a pre-empted booking at a hotel in Alnwick to ensure I was ahead of the snow the day before the wedding to avoid any potential issues.  So when i got the call i was both hyped for digging my way through the snow in Northumberland but gobsmacked that they had managed to cancel and rearranged the whole wedding in less than a day.  

With so much on the line, family, friends, suppliers bunched together to make this the wedding to remember.  It was truly an awesome day for all as we started with snowballing at the Baltic and ended with sparklers at the Vermont.  What an amazing feat this wedding really was.  It was unprecedented, unheard of and we knocked it out of the park.  

Most of all it was just for Tom and Tobi to treasure.  There were tears of rejoice that it had all worked and I decided some stories are better experienced than told so the tears weren't for the cameras eyes.  They were for the family.  It was an intimate moment for all.  A very special occasion indeed!  Love_life+family-PL xx

Ruth + Chris's // Wedding-Storyboard from WoodHall Hotel and Spa, Weatherby.

23rd February 2018

Methods: Romantic / Traditional / Fun-Loving / Natural


Ruth + Chris.  A very modern couple with a nicely rounded wedding within the formal setting of Woodhall Hotel.  The magic of the morning was what made this wedding for me, as Ruth transformed into a stunning bride she just looked so happy and comfortable.  We had bitterly cold weather so we whipped around as quick as we could with the various shots.  There was a nice mix of traditional, fun and creative feels in this wedding and I was happy to be a part of it.  Thank you guys for a fab day!  Love_life+family-PL xx

Nicole + Chris's // Wedding-Storyboard from Middleton Lodge.

13th January 2018

Methods: Romantic / Sophosticated / Fun-Loving / Natural


A really nice couple.   I genuinely connected with their sweetness as a couple which I feel you can see in the confetti shot here.  Nicole had a natural sophistication about her, and Chris and I had a few conversations where i felt like we connected.  The group were very lovely and attentive the Manor House was just a perfect setting for this wedding party.  I made 2 friends at this wedding and I hope to bump into them again in the future which is quite likely as they live fairly close.  Love_life+family-PL. xx

Robyn + Paul's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns.

6th January 2018

Methods: Romantic / Rustic / Epic / Natural


Robyn and Paul's wedding started in a very unique way with a personal note to each other.  They wanted to read it together but not see one another before the ceremony, this was a great opportunity to get something interesting in the way of the shot as well as get a little emotion.  It was a beautiful start to what was a fun packed day.  The story of how they met at work and their accomplishments, with Paul's Michelin Star showed in their celebrations.  They wanted some epic smoke bomb shots so we got few of those, a day to remember!  Love_life+family-PL. xx

Emma + Chris's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

4th January 2018

Methods: Romantic / Rustic / Fun-Loving / Natural


Emma + Chris.  Two very fun and wonderful people who worked together very well.  I got along with Chis straight away, he was like an old college buddy, smart and witty and up for a laugh.  Emma was one of the girls, but a nice mix of sophisticated and very down to earth.  Being winter it pretty much rained all day, and we didn't want to get any marks on Emma's silk dress.  As the night went on though we decided to pop outside for a 5 second jaunt to get this shot below.  Thank you both for your hospitality and good nature.  I made 2 friends this day! Love_life+family-PL xx

Georgi + Danny's // Wedding-Storyboard from Askham Hall.

31st-1st January 2018

Methods: Romantic / Epic / Fun-Loving / Natural


Spending New Years with a nice couple and a fab party was actually quite a memorable experience.  Georgi and Danny were good company and nice and down to earth with a lot of fun as the evening got on.  I really felt like one of the party by the end.  We had  little pop over to the Castle for a few shots and utilised the grounds at Askham despite quite a lot of rain. Thanks for having me guys, it certainly was a New Years I wont forget!  Love_life+family-PL. xx