Recent Weddings from 2019

the stories so far....


Here are some of the many adventures from 2019 and 2018, featuring some of the many amazing friends I have made along the way and the lovely memories I have been honoured to be part of.  Here is the fun we have had so far!

“All your insecurities, all the dirty laundry never made me blink one time.” ~Katy Perry (Unconditionally)

Rachel + Gary’s // Wedding-Storyboard from Headlam Hall, Darlington.

5th May 2019

Methods: Rock + Roll / Mingling / Documentary / Vivian Maier Street Photography


Antonia + Alisdair’s // Wedding-Storyboard from The Ned / Mansion House, London.

27th April 2019

Methods: Elegant / Sophisticated / Documentary / Celebrity

Faye + Simon’s // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

20th April 2019

Methods: Elegant / Whimsical / Documentary / Natural Light


Poppy + Adriano’s // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

16th April 2019

Methods: Natural / Fun / Hipster / Boho


Rebecca + James's wedding photography from Healey Barn.

23rd May 2019

Methods: RocknRoll / Fun-Loving / Relaxed / Natural

Rebecca and James were a lovely couple who were very well suited.  Just being with them you knew they were perfect for each other.  What a lovely day and a few epic photos too.  Thanks guys.Paul. xx


Janella + Rory's wedding photography from Holy Island + Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

16th March 2019

Methods: Romantic / Freeliving / Documentary / Natural

Jen and Rory's story started when Jen was a mere child visiting her grandma at Holy Island.  It held such a special place in her heart.  She met Rory in South Africa at Jaguar where he is a director, and set up camp for 9 months before moving to the USA.  Coming back to the magic of Northumberland though was Jen's dream.  What a wonderful day it was for such a wonderful couple.  In the speeches I felt like I got to know the inner Rory and it was great to see how his childhood made him the man he is today.  What a perfect couple and the images below say everything about them perfectly.  best wishes for the future.  Love_life+family-PL xx


Kielly + Skylar's wedding photography from Doxford Barns.

9th March 2019

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

I had met Kielly and Sky a few times before the wedding and they seemed like a nice couple, but on the day spirits were so high it was lovely to see so much emotional happiness.  Spending a little time with Kielly such as the shot below was so much fun, even if we did have a runaway vail!   Have a great marriage guys. xx


Shona + Simon's wedding photography from High House Brewery.

2nd March 2019

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

High House Farm, a lovely venue in Northumberland and a perfect spot for Shaona and Simon to tie the knot.  A great group of friends were in attendance and we had some fun moments along the way.


Ruth + Chris's wedding photography from WoodHall Hotel and Spa, Weatherby.

23rd February 2019

Methods: Romantic / Traditional / Fun-Loving / Natural

Ruth + Chris.  A very modern couple with a nicely rounded wedding within the formal setting of Woodhall Hotel.  The magic of the morning was what made this wedding for me, as Ruth transformed into a stunning bride she just looked so happy and comfortable.  We had bitterly cold weather so we whipped around as quick as we could with the various shots.  There was a nice mix of traditional, fun and creative feels in this wedding and I was happy to be a part of it.  Thank you guys for a fab day!  Love_life+family-PL xx


Jennette + Philip's wedding photography from the Vermont.

16th February 2019

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

Two very lovely people, Jennette and Philip.  I think sometimes you just know when 2 people work together well and these were both a great example of a couple who were very calm and at ease in each others company.  Im pleased that the weather stayed out and we got to have a little bit of an adventure out for piccies.


Nicole + Chris's wedding photography from Middleton Lodge.

19th January 2019

Methods: Romantic / Sophosticated / Fun-Loving / Natural

A really nice couple.   I genuinely connected with their sweetness as a couple which I feel you can see in the confetti shot here.  Nicole had a natural sophistication about her, and Chris and I had a few conversations where i felt like we connected.  The group were very lovely and attentive the Manor House was just a perfect setting for this wedding party.  I made 2 friends at this wedding and I hope to bump into them again in the future which is quite likely as they live fairly close.  Love_life+family-PL. xx


Emma + Chris's wedding photography from Healey Barn.

12th January 2019

Methods: Romantic / Rustic / Fun-Loving / Natural

Emma + Chris.  Two very fun and wonderful people who worked together very well.  I got along with Chis straight away, he was like an old college buddy, smart and witty and up for a laugh.  Emma was one of the girls, but a nice mix of sophisticated and very down to earth.  Being winter it pretty much rained all day, and we didn't want to get any marks on Emma's silk dress.  As the night went on though we decided to pop outside for a 5 second jaunt to get this shot below.  Thank you both for your hospitality and good nature.  I made 2 friends this day! Love_life+family-PL xx


Anum + Jack’s // Wedding-Storyboard from Woodhill Hall, Northumberland.

New Years Eve - 31st December 2018

Methods: Elegant / Winter / Documentary / Natural Light


Claire + Jeff’s // Wedding-Storyboard from Newton Hall, Northumberland.

17th December 2018

Methods: Elegant / Winter / Documentary / Natural Light


Stephanie + Edward’s // Wedding-Storyboard from Matfen Hall, Northumberland.

14th December 2018

Methods: Elegant / Winter / Documentary / Natural Light


Kirsty + Sean's wedding photography from Lumley Castle.

8th December 2018

Methods: Romantic / Epic / Fun-Loving / Natural

With little light outdoors there was plenty of things we could do inside Lumley Castle.  Just a mere spotlight in the main entrance to the dungeon, i had a feeling it hadn't been done before.  Both Kirsty and Sean were good sports though following my direction we got loads of stuff, the natural work we got was really nice too.  Congrats guys!


Ashleigh + Lee's wedding photography from Healey Barn.

24th November 2018

Methods: Rustic / Romantic / Fun-Loving / Natural

Some couples are just perfect.  These guys were a perfect match, perfect to work with, perfect together, perfect promoters of my work to their friends, and had perfectly matching kiddy bowl cuts in their younger years as the photos that were passed around showed.  (hehe).  Thank you for both being so great on your day and come and meet me for a coffee one day!


Elizabeth + Steven's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn, Northumberland.

17th November 2018

Methods: Dark / Boho / Documentary / Natural Light

Wedding-Photographer-Healey -Barn.jpg

Adam + Stacey's // Wedding-Storyboard from Lartington Hall, Yorkshire.

10th November 2018

Methods: Autumnal / Stylish / Fun / Natural


Lauren + George's // Wedding-Storyboard from Rudby Hall, Yorkshire.

3rd November 2018

Methods: Whimsical / Fun / Documentary / Natural


Amy + Martin's // Wedding-Storyboard from As You Like It, Newcastle.

27th October 2018

Methods: RocknRoll / Boho / Documentary / Natural


James + Shannon's // Wedding-Storyboard from Rudby Hall, Yorkshire.

26th October 2018

Methods: Autumnal / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Emma + Lee's // Wedding-Storyboard from Blackfriars, Newcastle.

19th October 2018

Methods: Urban / Fashion / Rustic / Natural


Emma + Reuben's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

7th October 2018

Methods: Romantic / Rustic / Documentary / Natural


Birju + Nicolas's // Wedding-Storyboard from the Baltic, Gateshead.

29th September 2018

Methods: Romantic / Traditional / Documentary / Stylish


Rachel + James's // Wedding-Storyboard from Home Farm, Northumberland.

18th August 2018

Methods: Whimsical / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Shannen + Dean's // Wedding-Storyboard from the Mill House, Gateshead.

11th August 2018

Methods: Fun / Whimsical / Documentary / Natural


Lindsay + Anthony's // Wedding-Storyboard from Lartington Hall, Barnard Castle.

9th August 2018

Methods: Romantic / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Nadege + Tom's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn, Northumberland.

5th August 2018

Methods: Whimsical / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Stephen + Eleanor's // Wedding-Storyboard from Ansty Hall, Coventry.

3rd August 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Charlotte + Ben's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

1st August 2018

Methods: Epic / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural

Wedding-Photography Doxford-Barns.jpg

Luke + Sarah's // Wedding-Storyboard from Middle Temple Hall, London.

28th July 2018

Methods: Classical / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural

Wedding-Photographer-Middle Temple Hall.jpg

Ashleigh + Kris's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn, Northumberland.

21st July 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Rock N Roll / Documentary / Natural

Wedding-Photographer-Healey Barn.jpg

Robyn + Scott's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

9th July 2018

Methods: Romantic / Rustic / Documentary / Natural


Leonie + Ian's // Wedding-Storyboard from Woodhill Hall, Otterburn.

30th June 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Rock N Roll / Documentary / Natural

Wedding-Photographer-Woodhill Hall.jpg

Rosie + Alex's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

23th June 2018

Methods: Rock N Roll / Documentary / Natural


Bethany + Niall's // Wedding-Storyboard from Wynyard Hall, Teesside.

16th June 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Duncan + Joanne's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn, Northumberland.

9th June 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Katherine + Jonathan's // Wedding-Storyboard from Brancepeth Castle, Durham.

26th May 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Jodine + Ben's // Wedding-Storyboard from Le Petit Chateau, Northumberland.

25th May 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural

Rachel + Edward's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

5th May 2018

Methods: Interesting Light / Sophisticated / Documentary / Natural


Rachel + Edward were a lovely couple, favouring that calm but fun vibe.  We had some very interesting light to play with so got a few cool shots that have never been done before at this venue.  The day was a scorcher and Rachel and Edward enjoyed some great times with friends and family.  Thank you both for letting me a part of your day.  Best wishes for the future.  Love_life+family-PL xx

Emma + Adam's wedding photography from Priests House, Yorkshire.

28th April 2018

Methods: Romantic / Discreet / Documentary / Natural

Adam and Emma are a lovely young family with their beautiful daughter Evie. Priests House is a lovely place to get married, such a characteristic and historic setting.  What a day it was too, such a lovely part of Yorkshire.  It was lovey being a part of your day guys.  Best wishes for the future.  Love_life+family-PL xx


Tobi + Tom's wedding photography from The Baltic and the Vermont Hotel, Gateshead and Newcastle.

3rd March 2018

Methods: Romantic / Quirky / Fun-Loving / Natural

With so much on the line, family, friends, suppliers bunched together to make this the wedding to remember.  It was truly an awesome day for all as we started with snowballing at the Baltic and ended with sparklers at the Vermont.  What an amazing feat this wedding really was.  It was unprecedented, unheard of and we knocked it out of the park.   A very special occasion indeed!  Love_life+family-PL xx


Georgi + Danny's wedding photography from Askham Hall.

31st-1st January 2018

Methods: Romantic / Epic / Fun-Loving / Natural

Spending New Years with a nice couple and a fab party was actually quite a memorable experience.  Georgi and Danny were good company and nice and down to earth with a lot of fun as the evening got on.  I really felt like one of the party by the end.  We had  little pop over to the Castle for a few shots and utilised the grounds at Askham despite quite a lot of rain. Thanks for having me guys, it certainly was a New Years I wont forget!  Love_life+family-PL. xx


Sarah + Craig's wedding photography from Doxford Barns.

18th November 2017

Methods: Rustic / Unique light use / Fun-Loving / Natural


Craig was instantly like an old buddy of mine, we had a few laughs in the morning and worked well throughout the day with the photography.  Sarah was a good match for Craig, classy, quaint and they were both very smart.  This is one of my favourite pictures from the day although there were so many.  I just feel like I captured Sarah in a really natural way.  xx


Holly + Neil's wedding photography from Doxford Barns.

11th November 2017

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

We first met down at Whitley Bay at St Mary's lighthouse for a pre-shoot.  Upon meeting Holly & Neil, I realised that they really enjoy the high life and life in general which is great for my style of work.  I immediately knew that my natural work would be a hit but in the spur of the evening I approached them with a more epic piece.  It is something never done before too, exposing for the stars in the sky and lighting with a car behind and two sidelights whilst using 2 smoke grenades with a mix of green and white.  This is the end result and to be honest I do love the natural work that we got, but this is a once in a lifetime image.  2 lovely people with fantastic spirits and families to match!  Keep doing your thing guys you are awesome!


Anabelle + Gareth's wedding photography from Middleton Lodge, Yarm.

4th November 2017

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

Middleton Lodge is one of those venues that works perfectly for weddings.  Anabelle & Gareth were the perfect couple and the venue was completely fitting for their special day.  I got to know Anabelle and bridesmaids quite well throughout the day, and they made me feel like a part of the wedding. It was great to see that everyone was there to have a great time.  There was a lot of magic between Anabelle and Gareth too you could see that they were such a great match, and this created some truely great imagery.  Thank you guys! xx


Fran + Anil's wedding photography from Le Petit Chateau, Northumberland.

28th October 2017

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

This was my first outing at Le Petit Chateau.  Le Petit Chateau is a new venue and perfect for my style, and I was in luck that the one and only fire fountain in the UK was operating, so amongst all of the fabulous images we got it was a great opportunity to capture the flames rising from the water.  It required 3 off-camera lighting tools to make the shot work, so this here is a shot you possibly won't see again.  On the day Fran and Anil were a great and very natural couple to work with so the photography was designed more around their personalities than tediously dragging them around the hotspots.  We got some fantasic natural images though, hopefully they will let me blog the wedding and show off the high energy that was there on the day.  Fran's sister is a celebrity so there were a few celebs in attendance.  It was great working with you guys and lovely to see how much you were both in love.  Congrats again!  Paul.


Joanna + Richard's wedding photography from Healey Barn.

21st October 2017

Methods: Rustic / Epic / Fun-Loving / Natural

Joanna and Richard were a very sweet couple with a nice set of family and friends.  They were very laid back on the day and were happy to pop out for a second to get this epic shot.  Richard's uncle Andy Serkis was present who is a A-list hollywood film star, so it was interesting mingling and chatting with the stars!  Best of luck for the future guys and keep in touch! xx


Stephanie + Jonny's wedding photography from Middleton Lodge.

16th September 2017

Methods: Unique light use / Sophisticated / Discreet / Natural

It was my first visit to Middleton Lodge, but earlier in the week when I did my recci after a few hours scoping out the venue it was clear that there were so many opportunities here and many that had not been done before.   On the day Jonny and Steph were just out to have a great time and mingle with guests, with the options available it was easy to cater my ideas to what worked for them when they were ready.  A nice, smart couple and a lovely day altogether.


Olivia + Matthew's wedding photography from Middleton Lodge.

9th September 2017

Methods: Romantic / Sophisticated / Fun-Loving / Natural

Le Petit Chateau is getting to be a regualr place for my work, it certainly suits the style of venue.  Olivia and Matthew were a very natural couple with a huge group of friends.  Actually when i think back to the fun we had it would be awesome to see them again in a future wedding.  A great selection of family and friends.  It was great working with you guys. xx  Paul. 


Shelley + Tom's wedding photography from Whalton Hall.

2nd September 2017

Methods: Romantic / Sophisticated / Discreet / Natural

What i love the most about my job, is meeting fantastic people.  Tom and Shelly both keen travellers and doctors and just starting out in life had such a wonderful aura about them.  There was a sense of adventure and a sense of longing and the feeling that this step meant so much in their lives.  Best of luck for the future and may many more adventures lie ahead!  Paul.

whalton hall wedding photos.jpg

Rebecca + Christopher's wedding photography from Headlam Hall.

28th August 2017

Methods: Romantic / Classical / Discreet / Natural

I like to do something a little different and this shot has never been done before at Headlam Hall so it was quite special.  We had a lovely day with Rebecca and Chris and on the way back from the church I had this field spotted so we popped in for a quick photo.  Thanks for a fab day guys!  Paul.

headlam hall wedding photographer.jpg

Justine + Paul's wedding photography from Woodhorn Museum.

5th August 2017

Methods: Quirky / Fun-Loving / Relaxed / Natural

This wedding really was a perfect fit for my style and approach.  It was different and quirky and best of all we had a lot of fun.  Every wedding is so different and it really is about reading the couple and understanding their needs with a bespoke design.  Paul and Justine were a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to seeing them again at future weddings.  xxx Paul.


Helen + Wayne's wedding photography from Eshott Hall.

1st July 2017

Methods: Romantic / Sophisticated / Rustic / Natural

Eshott Hall is a venue of many possiblities with both inside and outside ceremony areas.  With the right lighting you can really put your own stamp on this venue which is what we did with Helen and Wayne's rustic wedding.  Both doctors understanding the preciousness of time, so we didnt spend a lot of time getting couple shots but we aimed for quality.  Their natural love for each other and sense of humour allowed us to get something magical and never done before at Eshott.  Congratulations guys.


Louise + Lee's wedding photography from Bambrough.

24th June 2017

Methods: Romantic / Sophisticated / Fun-Loving / Natural

Louise and Lee certainly were a lovely couple to be around, Louise was a very natural and lovely person and Lee a very charasmatic and fun person, the combination of them both along with their dog Murphy were a great family together.  On the day there were laughs all round and nice quiet moments where we escaped to the beach.  I made some lovely friends during this day, best of luck for your future together!  Paul.


Rachel + Andrew's wedding photography from Woodhill Hall.

17th June 2017

Methods: Romantic / Whimsical / Relaxed / Natural

Rachel and Andrew were a very nice and down to earth couple who had full trust in my work.  With such a scorcher of a day we were spoilt for choice for opportunities.  A lovely crowd in attendance and a few guests who knew of my work put a smile on my face. The whimsical wonderland wedding came true for Rachel and Andrew and what a wonderful day it was!


Heather + Ian's wedding photography from Doxford Barns.

25th May 2017

Methods: Romantic / Whimsical / Relaxed / Natural

Having already done a pre-shoot with Heather and Ian it was like old friends reuniting again at the wedding.  Every wedding I do at a repeat location gets a new wedding story.  Heather and Ians wedding was no different as we ventured to the secret meadow and took the very first shots there.  They were so relaxed and could just let go and be themselves so it was fun to get a few couple shots and individual portraits of the bride such as this image below.


Rachel + Jonathan's wedding photography from Bamburgh Church.

13th May 2017

Methods: Sophisticated / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

Rachel and Jonathan were a very nicely suited couple, I think in their own words during the speeches they said that they understood each other more than anyone else did.  Just watching their body language they really were as one, they perfect. xx 


Sarah + Kevin's wedding photography from Healey Barn.

11th May 2017

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

Some of the sunsets at Healey Barn are just outstanding, and with a sunset around the corner I took Sarah and Kevin to the perfect spot to capture it at its best.  Overlooking the valley in this secret location made this picture not only special but unique to Sarah and Kevin.  They had a lovely day and this was the perfect way for them to end it.  Best of wishes, Paul. xx


Charlotte + Zach's wedding photography from Hexham Winter Gardens.

6th May 2017

Methods: Epic / Discreet / Relaxed / Natural

Charlotte and Zach booked me about 2 years ago so it was a while since we last spoke.  We got so many natural and beautiful images that we decided to get a stylish picture that hadnt been done before at the venue. All the guests were a real blast and I made a few friends on the day it was a great wedding and a beautiful setting!  xx  Best of wishes, Paul. xx



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