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The Wedding-Storyboard.  What is it?  The wedding storyboard originally came from my teaching days where I used to plan out projects for students to film in filmmaking.  A storyboard helps have some visual structure and allows for alternative ideas to be introduced as and when.  On your day you will always be different to a regular day.  Your adrenaline will be flowing and your spirit will be at an all time high.  So I have to be adaptable on your day.  As I fit into your needs this is how I structure your wedding story in my mind.  With good planning from myself and plenty of options on the day a great story can be told.

Ashleigh + Lee's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

Methods: Romantic / Woodland / Fun-Loving / Natural


Ashleigh and Lee were such a dream to work with.  So accommodating and pleasant I felt like an honoured guest!  For two very smart and genuine people it was rather funny to see their childhood pictures passed around during the speeches.  We mad a quick jaunt to the woods for around 5 minutes but we didn't need much more as by this point we were already good friends.  Thank you both so much for being lovely and I can't wait to get everything to you in time before xmas! Paul. xx

Sarah + Craig's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns.

Methods: Sophisticated / Stylish / Fun-Loving / Natural


Louise and Lee certainly were a lovely couple to be around, Louise was a very natural and lovely person and Lee a very charasmatic and fun person, the combination of them both along with their dog Murphy were a great family together.  On the day there were laughs all round and nice quiet moments where we escaped to the beach.  I made some lovely friends during this day, best of luck for your future together!  Paul.

Stephanie + Jonathan's // Wedding-Storyboard from Middleton Lodge.

Methods: Sophisticated / Stylish / Natural


Middleton Lodge, is one of those venues that is just perfect for my style.  There is so much I can do at this venue which has never been done before.  On the day Jonny and Steph were just out to have a great time and mingle with guests, with the options available it was easy to cater my ideas to what worked for them when they were ready.  A nice, smart couple and a lovely day altogether.

Olivia + Matthew's // Wedding-Storyboard at Le Petit Chateau.

Methods: Fun / Sophisticated / Natural

Le Petit Chateau is getting to be a regular place for my work, it certainly suits the style of venue.  Olivia and Matthew were a very natural couple with a huge group of friends.  Actually when i think back to the fun we had it would be awesome to see them again in a future wedding.  A great selection of family and friends.  It was great working with you guys. xx  Paul. 

Rachel + Jonathan's // Wedding-Storyboard at Bamburgh Castle + Doxford Barns.

Methods: Elegant / Sophisticated / Natural

Rachel and Jonathan were a very nicely suited couple, I think in their own words during the speeches they said that they understood each other more than anyone else did.  Just watching their body language they really were as one, they perfect. xx

Rachel + Andrew's // Wedding-Storyboard from Woodhill Hall.

Methods: Whimsical / RocknRoll / Natural

Rachel and Andrew were a very nice and down to earth couple who had full trust in my work.  With such a scorcher of a day we were spoilt for choice for opportunities.  A lovely crowd in attendance and a few guests who knew of my work put a smile on my face. The whimsical wonderland wedding came true for Rachel and Andrew and what a wonderful day it was!

Charlotte + Zach's // Wedding-Storyboard at Hexham Winter Gardens.

Methods: Whimsical / RocknRoll / Stylish

Charlotte and Zach booked me about 2 years ago so it was a while since we last spoke.  We got so many natural and beautiful images that we decided to get a stylish picture that hadnt been done before at the venue. All the guests were a real blast and I made a few friends on the day it was a great wedding and a beautiful setting!  xx

Anabelle + Gareth's // Wedding-Storyboard from Middleton Lodge, Yarm.

Methods: Sophisticated / Fun-Loving / Natural


Middleton Lodge is one of those venues that works perfectly for weddings.  Anabelle & Gareth were the perfect couple and the venue was completely fitting for their special day.  I got to know Anabelle and bridesmaids quite well throughout the day, and they made me feel like a part of the wedding. It was great to see that everyone was there to have a great time.  There was a lot of magic between Anabelle and Gareth too you could see that they were such a great match, and this created some truely great imagery.  Thank you guys! xx

Fran + Anil's // Wedding-Storyboard from Le Petit Chateau.

Methods: Sophisticated / RocknRoll / Natural

Le Petit Chateau perfect for my style, and I was in luck that the one and only fire fountain in the UK was operating, so amongst all of the fabulous images we got it was a great opportunity to capture the flames rising from the water.  It required 3 off-camera lighting tools to make the shot work, so this here is a shot you possibly won't see again.  On the day Fran and Anil were a great and very natural couple to work with so the photography was designed more around their personalities than tediously dragging them around the hotspots.  We got some fantasic natural images though, hopefully they will let me blog the wedding and show off the high energy that was there on the day.  There were a few celebs in attendance so fingers crossed on the blog!  It was great working with you guys and lovely to see how much you were both in love.  Congrats again!  Paul.


Justine + Paul's // Wedding-Storyboard at the Woodhorn Museum.

Methods: Fun / Quirky / Natural

This wedding really was a perfect fit for my style and approach.  It was different and quirky and best of all we had a lot of fun.  Every wedding is so different and it really is about reading the couple and understanding their needs with a bespoke design.  Paul and Justine were a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to seeing them again at future weddings.  xxx Paul.

Helen + Wayne's // Wedding-Storyboard at Eshott Hall.

Methods: Rustic / Romantic / Natural

Eshott Hall is a venue of many possiblities with both inside and outside ceremony areas.  With the right lighting you can really put your own stamp on this venue which is what we did with Helen and Wayne's rustic wedding.  Both doctors understanding the preciousness of time, so we didnt spend a lot of time getting couple shots but we aimed for quality.  Their natural love for each other and sense of humour allowed us to get something magical and never done before at Eshott.  Congratulations guys.

Louise + Lee's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns.

Methods: Sophisticated / Fun-Loving / Natural


Louise and Lee certainly were a lovely couple to be around, Louise was a very natural and lovely person and Lee a very charasmatic and fun person, the combination of them both along with their dog Murphy were a great family together.  On the day there were laughs all round and nice quiet moments where we escaped to the beach.  I made some lovely friends during this day, best of luck for your future together!  Paul.

Rebecca + James's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

Methods: Romantic / Fun-Loving / Natural


Rebecca and James were a lovely couple who were very well suited.  Just being with them you knew they were perfect for each other.  What a lovely day and a few epic photos too.  Thanks guys.Paul. xx

Ana + Sean's // Wedding-Storyboard at Doxford Barns.

Methods: Stylish / Elegant / Natural

Ana and Sean were so lucky to have perfect weather all day and decided to have a practice dance whilst visiting the lake.   A lovely day with a great couple. xx

Laura + Michael's // Wedding-Storyboard at the Derwent Manor Hotel.

Methods: Romantic / Stylish / Natural

Having already done a pre-wedding shoot with these guys I knew we were going to have some fun on the day.  The idea was to just get a few cool shots in the outdoors but luckily the wind picked up right and got us this! 

xx   Paul.

Kielly + Skylar's // Wedding-Storyboard at Doxford Barns.

Methods: Elegant / Romantic / Natural

I had met Kielly and Sky a few times before the wedding and they seemed like a nice couple, but on the day spirits were so high it was lovely to see so much emotional happiness.  Spending a little time with Kielly such as the shot below was so much fun, even if we did have a runaway vail!   Have a great marriage guys. xx 

Shona + Simon's // Wedding-Storyboard at High House Brewery.

Methods: RocknRoll / Funloving / Natural

High House Farm, a lovely venue in Northumberland and a perfect spot for Shaona and Simon to tie the knot.  A great group of firneds were in attendance and we had some fun moments along the way.

Helen + Kevin's // Wedding-Storyboard at Healey Barn.

Methods: Fun-Loving / Stylish / Natural

Healey Barn is a perfect spot for my style of wedding photography.  It also brings in the kinds of clients who love my work.  Saying that, occasionally my work does get interupted.  In this case the brother of the groom who was so happy to see his brother get married he literally burst into tears.

Heather + Ian's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns. 

Methods: Whimsical / Fun-Loving / Natural

Having already done a pre-shoot with Heather and Ian it was like old friends reuniting again at the wedding.  Every wedding I do at a repeat location gets a new wedding story.  Heather and Ians wedding was no different as we ventured to the secret meadow and took the very first shots there.  They were so relaxed and could just let go and be themselves so it was fun to get a few couple shots and individual portraits of the bride such as this image below.

Cara + Ben's // Wedding-Storyboard from the Baltic.

Methods: Urban / Stylish / RocknRoll

I loved this wedding simply for the urban landscape and industrial feel.  I gave Cara and Ben a list of options for their couple shots and this was one of the ideas they loved the most.  It was good to work with two hard working and smart people, but to also see their fun and relaxed sense of humour.  The speeches were absolutely hilarious!  We got some great work together guys, enjoy your honeymoon! xx

Holly + Neil's // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns.

Methods: Natural / Sophisticated / RocknRoll


We first met down at Whitley Bay at St Mary's lighthouse for a pre-shoot.  Upon meeting Holly & Neil, I realised that they really enjoy the high life and life in general which is great for my style of work.  I immediately knew that my natural work would be a hit but in the spur of the evening I approached them with a more epic piece.  It is something never done before too, exposing for the stars in the sky and lighting with a car behind and two sidelights whilst using 2 smoke grenades with a mix of green and white.  This is the end result and to be honest I do love the natural work that we got, but this is a once in a lifetime image.  2 lovely people with fantastic spirits and families to match!  Keep doing your thing guys you are awesome!

Sarah + Kevin's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

Methods: Romantic / Elegant / Natural

Some of the sunsets at Healey Barn are just outstanding, and with a sunset around the corner I took Sarah and Kevin to the perfect spot to capture it at its best.  Overlooking the valley in this secret location made this picture not only special but unique to Sarah and Kevin.  They had a lovely day and this was the perfect way for them to end it.  Best of wishes, Paul. xx

Paris + Lee's Beach // Wedding-Storyboard from Doxford Barns.

Methods: Sophisticated / Fun-Loving / Natural


Have you ever seen a beach wedding look this stunning? The comination of the right light and edit work brings this Californian glow right out as we hit the peak of the summer season.  The wedding was half Chineese and half English and it was lovely to see the two families coming together.  Paris's family were lovely to talk to as were Lee's and the beach was an amazing touch to an otherwise beautiful day.!

Joanna + Richard's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn, Northumberland.

Methods: Woodland / Romantic / Fun / Natural


Joanna and Richard had a fabulous day, it was a really lovely atmosphere with friends and family alike.  We had a bit of time in the evening so we went a little Hollywood with out rain shot.  Thanks for a lovely day guys!

Melissa + Eddie's Tipi // Wedding-Storyboard from their farm home, Hepscott Manor.

Methods: Rural / Fun-Loving / Natural


This was my first Tipi wedding and wow was it fun!  Mel and Eddie were completely awesome and the amount of work they had put into the setting in their home at Hepscott Manor was immense.  They had tipis, bands a large ceremony and a variety of sheep, cows, horses and dogs overlooking the wedding.  It weas basically like a really cool mini glastonbury party, with no expense spared.

Helen + Miles's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

Methods: Woodland / Romantic / Fun-Loving / Natural


Healey Barn again and into the trees we go for some more lovelyness.  Myles and Helen were a lot of fun to work with, one of theose couples that care more about having a good time than anything else.

Louise + James's // Wedding-Storyboard from Natural Retreats, Yorkshire.

Methods: Outdoor / Romantic / Fun-Loving / Natural


The Natural Retreats is a perfect location for my style, it was in the great outdoors with a group of people who like to have fun and join in with the festivities of the day.  The couple and the guests made me feel most welcome and I got so many great and natural shots of everyone at the end of the wedding the bride pulled me aside and said I fit in so well with the day she was so happy to have me there. Like many a wedding, if only i could have stayed!

Katy + Ian's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn, Northumberland.

Methods: Woodland / Romantic / Stylish / Natural


Keen travellers, these Australians eloped to the UK. When they travel, they photograph the places they visit with their back to the camera. I wanted this wedding image to be in keeping with that, signifying yet another journey ahead.

Nora + John's // Wedding-Storyboard from Hutton Rudby Village Hall.

Methods: Urban / Stylish / Natural


Sometimes you meet two people after your own heart.  2 very down to earth individuals who value their family and friends.  They love travelling the world, have an appreciation for good music and beautiful once in a lifetime landscapes.  We had a potter around Yarm high street and sat in the trees of the village as the leaves fell around us.  Some beautiful moments with two great people.  Im looking forward to seeing your next adventures and honeymoon on Facebook!  Have a fab time. xx