With over 250 weddings in the books in only 4 years, all of this is because of the fantastic people I meet in my journey...

With over 250 weddings in the books in only 4 years, all of this is because of the fantastic people I meet in my journey...

About Me


STYLE - Good pictures come from good relationships.

I would describe myself as an artist, a storyteller, more than a photographer.  I think the mixture of creativity and being able to read people on the day and see a story unfold is what makes every one of my weddings look so unique.  If you think of me as a family friend by the end of the day I have done my job.

Having your new best friend, (me) there to make sure your relaxed, hydrated, and ensuring the ebb and flow of the day is weaving nicely with your timings, is valuable in itself.  By you having a good time and being able to be yourselves, I can tell your wedding story like no-one else can.  

Its a tailored service I guess with no forced poses, just me smiling as I see your day blossom and being in the right place at the right time in a way that is comfortable for everyone. 

I have incredible sense of awareness for moments, every glimmer and every glance.  I dump all my own reservations at the door so I just "fit in" to the day.    If you are a little reserved, so is my photography, if you are a party animal, so is my approach to your day.  I love meeting people and appreciating them for who they are.

I think every wedding should be bright, vibrant, sun and fun filled and it really is a mixture of my friendly approach on the day, and my lighting and editing work that makes it all come together.

Every snowflake is unique and has a small window to be appreciated, before it is gone.  So my job, is to stop calling you snowflake, I definitely never use the words, petal, love or honey, but I do want to capture your story as it unfolds.    Personalising the experience, so the photography is just very you. 



I am a creatively attuned person who just thrives in creative work.  I have worked in the past as a teacher, an underground radio DJ, videographer, graphic designer and since 2013, now all I do is it is all wedding photography.

In 1998 I was working from a darkroom recreating works of David Bailey, and my work was used for years by the college to show prospective students what can be achieved.    I was always enthusiastic about learning and sharing so I decided to go on to university twice (BA & PGCE) to become a teacher in media.  

In the summer of 2013 I bought my first DSLR and every picture I took was met with such a huge response, that within a month Easyapple Wedding Photography was formed as an international photography company.  I shot my first international wedding a year later and realised I must be doing something people liked.  The biggest thing was it was word of mouth, I hadn't even begun to understand advertising.  

I gave up teaching in early 2013 to be able to keep up with the demand for my work and by 2014, my name had become synominous within the wedding industry, as a creative wedding storyteller.  To reflect my work the branding was reformed into Paul Liddement Wedding Stories in 2014.

To this day I barely advertise, paying into wedding fares, and I have never paid into time consuming awards schemes and such, I just don't need to as word of mouth is very strong. I really am still looking at all of those things from a distance.  It is only in June 2016 that I have managed to get around to blogging!  (please see my journal).  In just 4 years I have over 200 weddings on the books, which is quite an accomplishment.  What a journey though, exciting and fun, with great people that I meet along the way and being able to capture their personalities and their story.  I love it.



I guess, caring so much about what I do, is the drive that I have for my work and my clients and this is reflected in my work.

Anyone who hires me gains my technical skills, my expert knowledge, my craft, and my charming and fun personality.

I love what i do, I love the people i meet along the way and I provide the complete package for someone wanting to document a spectacular part of their life and have their personal story told.


Quotes from Paul:


"My favourite picture is always the one I have just taken.  Watching the concept blossom into reality"


"People are fascinating subjects to capture; time, personality, light, vision, are all the tools that I need"


"An amateur is obsessed with equipment, a professional is obsessed with credentials, a master is obsessed with light, a storyteller is obsessed with telling your story."


"It is not the camera that sees, it is the photographer.  Without the photographer the camera is useless"


"The energy required to be in so many places with so many different lighting requirements is enormous, people often look at my work and ask if I have two or more people working alongside me.  The answer is, its just me working at 300%."




  • Jun 2013 1st wedding
  • Jun 2014 1st international wedding
  • Aug 2015 100th Wedding
  • Sep 2015 1st worldwide wedding
  • Oct 2015 1st Celebrity sibling wedding
  • Dec 2015 1st photographer in the region to go viral, globally published in all major papers and recognised on TV
  • Jan 2016 fully booked for the year with 60 full day weddings
  • Jun 2016 1st 400 person Indian/Greek wedding
  • Jul 2016 150th Wedding


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