Your wedding story starts here


Your wedding story should be unique to you, comfortable for you, and memorable for you.


From start to finish, with our due care, and attention to detail; as well as our understanding of your personal needs.  This is how your day at alnwick castle will be with us.

Your day begins at Alnwick Castle, as you have some fun with the girls, and you transform from beautiful to stunning. We will join in the fun and capture your dress, perfume and special treasures as well as one or two getting ready shots. This is a time you will lovingly look back on, the magic before the moment.
Along the way before your ceremony begins at Alnwick Castle you will be met with surprises, friends reunited and breath taking moments.
Once the transformation has been complete, wherever you are in Alnwick Castle, regardless of light we want to get that image that works for you.
Then as you make your way to the venue at Alnwick Castle, the place where it all begins, remember to take a deep breath.
After your ceremony there will be a moment where all of your guests will want to see you. See how smart, elegant and beaming you both are. As a way to show their affection they will want to throw some confetti your way.
The boys and girls will be there for you at Alnwick Castle to help you through your journey, support you, guide you, and join in the celebrations with you.
After your group shots you will embark on a beautiful journey you will only truly treasure after your day. This is the time to be alone, to be together, that moment where you come off the rollercoaster to breathe and look around and appreciate where you are, in the beautiful grounds of Alnwick Castle. At this moment, we want you to be the most comfortable and we want to help you to be the best version of yourselves at the same time.
Beautiful light can be artificial and can be created. Whilst we have a huge rage of photographs edited under beautiful natural light, there are many times throughout the day where there is very little light to work with. Luckily we know exactly how to work with every lighting condition thrown at us thus far. We prepare, we plan, for your convenience in all lighting situations. Alnwick Castle is definitely a location that needs top of the range lighting experience.
It is those little details that you will want to remember from the day.
Of course, whether you are a little bit shy, a little bit fun, a little bit quirky, weddings are a place where you want to have a little bit of play.
After the speeches, the guests come to life and turn your wedding venue into your very own home for the day. Alnwick Castle is a beautiful and unique venue in the heart of Northumberland, but with your wedding it becomes your place. This is why your photography is about your story.
Alive at night. At this point in the night you would be expecting to feel the lull from such an emotional and jam packed day but you will get your second wind and continue though as the party starts, you will be adrenalised. This will be the night to remember at Alnwick Castle.

Alnwick Castle Wedding Photos


‘Paul Liddement Wedding Stories’ is the destination for those looking for beautiful wedding photography, masterfully told in a storytelling style.  Alnwick Castle is the perfect location for a unique and special wedding story.  We pride ourselves not just on our creative ideas but our people reading capabilities.  We believe you must be able to read the people you are with, in order to tell a great story.


Our aim is to tell your wedding story is a way that is so comfortable and fitting within your day that you want to tell others where to look.  With over 200 weddings stories in just 4 years all from word of mouth, this tells us that we are distinguished wedding storytellers.


At ‘Paul Liddement Wedding Stories’ we love to travel throughout the world, meet new people, embrace different cultures, and hold your traditions on our sleeves.


There is one moment in your lives where you are at a high with everyone that you love around you, that is your moment, your story, your people.  We want to be one of your people, and we want to bring our designs to you at your wedding venue, Alnwick Castle.  If you like our ethos, have a look through our weddings and if you are comfortable with our approach, get in contact.  Your story starts with us.



Paul Liddement Wedding Stories

World renowned, fine art, wedding storytelling. 

"Picture of the year!" (ITV's Richard & Judy) 


Paul paid so much attention to our personalities and how we had styled the venue. He fitted in so well, that several of our guests asked how we knew him. As soon as Paul left, my husband and I both felt like we had said goodbye to a friend.”

- Justine and Paul


Starting from £1800


Coverage starting from Bridal Prep through to 1st Dance.

* A slideshow of your images from the day during your evening reception.

* All images presented in a beautiful USB box in high resolution with personal printing rights.


Starting from £2050


Coverage starts from Bridal preparations through to the 1st Dance.

* A slideshow of your images from the day during your evening reception.

* All images presented in a beautiful USB box in high resolution with personal printing rights.

* 30 page 12x9" bespoke album (additional upgrades available)


£1250 (booked under a separate brand - VAT exempt)


Coverage starts from Bridal preparations through to the 1st Dance.

* Ceremony (fully edited to match my timeless photography style)

* Speeches (fully edited to match my timeless photography style)

* 3-5 min. Cinematic trailer with audio & music score

(this option is only available when booking a photography package.  It is based on the availability of additional)