Pre wedding shoots, what are they for?

Engagement shoots, or pre-wedding photography, or their lesser known acronyms of pre-weds or E-shoots, love-shoot, depending upon your preference. Most of my engagement shoots are based in the North East of England, mainly in Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Northumberland with a few in Yorkshire and the Lakes District. I think I personally prefer the reference of pre-wedding shoot as it describes its function correctly.


A photography session before your wedding has many uses but its main function is to ready you for your wedding photography. For most people getting married, this is their first time. This may also be the first time a couple like yourselves have got in front of a camera. The crux of pre-wedding photography is that you need to know how to relax in front of a camera because, due to my shooting style, the more relaxed you are the better the photographs will be, essentially.


Saying that, due to my shooting style being so relaxed, most brides don't need a pre-wedding shoot with me.  A pre-wedding shoot is really a way for the photographer to practice and the client to practice.  230 weddings on, i don't need to practice but I do find them a useful tool for couples who feel that they do need the practice.


Most locations are chosen by yourselves, a riverside location, a wooded area, a beach. A place you will feel relaxed and comfortable with the aim of finding out what your comfort zones are. It is an essential ingredient to telling your wedding story.


So enough of stating the obvious, Im sure you could listen to me all day, completely enthralled but i'm guessing you would much rather look at my creative work. So below you will find some recent engagement, pre-wedding, pre-shoots e-shoots and you and me shoots. Phew!