Jesmond Dene House wedding - Susanna + Diarmuid



What a lovely wedding at Jesmond Dene House with Susanna and Diarmuid.   As the season draws to a close for most I'm actually finding the winter months just as busy due to my low light work.  


It was fantastic to hear how accomplished Susanna was during the speeches, with a long list of qualifications and accolades to her name.  I wish I had had a bit more time to get to know them both as Diarmuid was a very pleasant man and a great fit for Suzanna.  


The day itself told its own story.  A story of two people coming together, their journey and their triumph was ever present in their self representation.  The song above was playing in my mind throughout the day as I was designing and telling their story.  I feel it reflects their wedding day at Jesmond Dene House.


Wedding Style Approaches:  Traditional, Documentary.

Wedding Design Approach: Sophisticated, Fun-Loving.


Jesmond Dene House Wedding photography to treasure

the day began with some fun with the girls, and Suzanna was transformed from beautiful to stunning. I joined in with some of the fun and heart felt conversations as I captured her dress, perfume and special treasures. As well as one or two getting ready shots. This was the magic before the moment, and all to come at Jesmond Dene House.
Everyone was excited for the wedding and looking forward to catching up with one another at Jesmond Dene House. Along the way before we set off for the ceremony we were met with a few surprises, friends reunited and breath taking moments.
As we arrived ready for the ceremony, the journey had only just begun. That walk down the isle is something else and you just don’t realise the feelings of anticipation, a few nerves, but mostly the feelings of love and happiness. As Suzanna made her way down the isle to meet Diarmuid, I could see the emotion welling up in him. And then they met. A lot of glances, smiles and rejoice. A ring, a hug and they were married. To have a front seat on a wedding like this is such a great honour. We then made our way to Jesmond Dene house.
before arriving at Jesmond dene house for the wedding breakfast we decided to take a little detour to get a few photos. Suzanna and Diarmuid were very obviously in love and they just looked so happy together. We had a few uninvited passers by too which made for a little laugh.
Back at Jesmond Dene House, the boys and girls were all there in support along with a little confetti.
A few meet and greets and it was on to the wedding breakfast and the speeches. There were a few stories, and laughs and tears along the way.
Beautiful light can be artificial and can be created. Whilst I have a huge range of photography edited under beautiful natural light, there are many times throughout the day at Jesmond Dene House where there is very little light to work with. So when it came to the evening and the dancing began I had to know the lights, my settings and my position relative to the lights to get the shots you see here. It is worth it. To capture all the excitement, the laughs and the connections. I just loved every part of this wedding as it came to its denouement.
What a day to remember! Many thanks to all of the family and guests as well as all of the suppliers and the venue. It was a good day for Jesmond Dene House Wedding Photography.


Wedding Style Approaches:  Traditional, Documentary.

Wedding Design Approach: Sophisticated, Fun-Loving.


Suppliers and Contributors:


Officiant/Vicar/Registrar – Dr Rev Alan Munden

Dress Designer & Shop –

Makeup Artist – Sandra Hetherington -

Hair Stylist – Carolyn Clayton -

Flowers – Caroline Reid

Invitation Designer – Creative Parties

Caterer – Jesmond Dene House -

Cake – Bridgett Thornton

Bridesmaids Dresses – Laura Lea -


Jesmond Dene Wedding Photography


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SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you to everyone involved on the day, I couldn’t have taken these fabulous pictures without your custom in welcoming me to your party as well as your willingness and excitement for the day. Please feel free to LIKE this post, COMMENT and SHARE and hopefully I will see you again someday!