just Jess


Just Jessica…

My beautiful daughter.  Jessica.  She's 4 but looks 3, she is petit in size but makes up for it in personality.  


Jessica, always one for the theatrics.  She's switched on, she's vibrant, she's got bags of personality, but she's also quaint.  She's not a show off, she's a girl who loves to express.  Whether through singing or dancing or posing for the camera.  She's got the moves and the expressions but is also delicate.


As a photographer in demand I am rarely free to take personal photos.  However when i did, I spent 3 minutes here just capturing Jessica being herself.  Imagine what she would do in front of a camera given an hour.  


Like her dad she's very modern and in keeping with 2018 life.  I think she would be perfect for a child's clothing line with her slender physique, wide blue eyes and cheeky but subtle smile.



Jessica is available for child modelling with her parent accompanying at the following rates:


£150 per hour.

£500 per day.


All moneys to be paid directly to her account.


Please get in touch with me, her father for further arrangements.



Professional Photos

These images were taken on the 21st of May 2018 using a professional camera but under a spontaneous setting, with minimal direction, such as 'look this way', 'give us a jiggle'.  These were taken within a 3 minute period.



Candid phone Photos

These photos were taken on the 24th of May 2018 using a Samsung phone in a cafe.  Spontaneous and taken within a 30 second period.

There is no direction here, apart from 'look at the camera'. The rest is just Jess.


Watch this video that was filmed on stage in front of 200 people.  Jessica is the one in white waving.