Paul Liddement

Hi.  I’m Paul, and I tell people’s beautiful stories during their greatest day of their lives. 

When the girls took over my camera!

When the girls took over my camera!


I live in the North East of England with my wife and 2 beautiful children, Jake and Jessica.  Jake is like one of my best friends, but at 7 years old he’s adamant he’s not interested in beer.  I can already see Jessica being a future photographer, as she is like me, she is interested in people and she loves to travel and she’s creative.

My children, Jessica (5) an amazing personality loved by Jake (8) here. BFFs!

My children, Jessica (5) an amazing personality loved by Jake (8) here. BFFs!


Here is a bullet point, info drop:


  • Born in Darlington, lived in Newcastle for 10 years.

  • 2 degrees

  • 7 years videography teaching experience


  • I have an obsession with people and places, I have yet to go to New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Morocco.


  • I was an obsessed electro music fan listening to music genres from around the world from acid jazz to turntablism, from electroclash to shoegazer, from electro-funk to minimal. I even had my own radio show on a Saturday night FM station for a few weeks.


  • I love comedy. I have a very typical English sense of comedy, its all down to timing and situation which works a treat at weddings.


  • I love partaking in sport but I am mostly terrible at all of them. Yea i’v have always prioritised the party over the points, its just my nature.

  • I make so many friends at every wedding I always get friended by guests in Facebook, personal messages off parents and cards off the couples. Weddings are my social life and I wouldn’t change it for a minute!





I never wanted to be a wedding photographer.  I always set my sights on being a Hollywood film director, but it was too hard to finance, so I became a film teacher instead.  After 7 years of teaching in Northumberland, I joined the Tynemouth Photographic Society where i became friends with Youtube’s most famous landscape photographer.  He kind of opened my eyes and made me realise that photography could be whatever you wanted it to be. After 6 years I have now documented 300+ weddings all over the UK, Europe and worldwide!


One of my first destination weddings at Vallisaari Island, Helsinki

One of my first destination weddings at Vallisaari Island, Helsinki


I love meeting people, I’m kind of a social chameleon, I blend well with people.  Im pretty down to earth and I’m pretty open and honest with people.  I think its what has worked for me in this lovely thing I call a job!  I love to travel too.  2019 has been my biggest year yet with some amazing weddings so far and more to come in 2020! I can’t wait!




Newcastle wedding photographer


Personal Quotes


"My favourite picture is always the one I have just taken.  Watching the concept blossom into reality"


"People are fascinating subjects to capture; time, personality, light, vision, are all the tools that I need"

wedding photographer Newcastle


"An amateur is obsessed with equipment, a professional is obsessed with marketing, a master is obsessed with credentials, a storyteller is obsessed with people and stories."

Northumberland wedding photography


"It is not the camera that sees, it is the photographer.  Without the photographer the camera is useless"

wedding photography Northumberland


"The energy required to be in so many places with so many different lighting requirements is enormous, people often look at my work and ask if I have two or more people working alongside me."

wedding photography North East



A few boring credentials


  • Apr 2007 - 1st teaching job

  • Jun 2013 - 1st wedding at Comlongon Castle, Dumfries

  • Jan 2014 - Full time wedding photographer

  • Jun 2014 - 1st international wedding in Helsinki, Finland

  • Aug 2015 - 100th Wedding

  • Sep 2015 - 1st worldwide wedding in New York

  • Oct 2015 - 1st famous wedding, I shot the top 10 cricketer of all time Steve Harmison’s brother’s wedding. Worldwide cricketer Ben Harmison

  • Dec 2015 - 1st viral wedding. The famed ‘snow shot’ at Lartington Hall was globally published in all major papers, websites & on TV

  • Jun 2016 - 1st VIP 400 person Indian/Greek wedding at a private residence

  • Sep 2016 - 1st Royal shoot, Kate Middleton’s brother James at Donna Air's sisters wedding

  • Jul 2017 - 200th Wedding

  • Nov 2017 - 1st A-Lister Wedding, I shot Andy Serkis's nephews wedding

  • Jan 2018 - set up a video company

  • Dec 2018 my wedding video company was voted one of the top 16 videographers in the UK by Gohen

  • Jan 2019 - Was voted one of the best photographers in the world by Looks Like Film

  • May 2019 - photographed the Lord Mayor of London’s godsons wedding. The Mansion House was VIP exquisitely hired and has only ever had 2 weddings there in 250 years.


     North East wedding photography

Newcastle Wedding Photographer | North East Wedding Photographer.

I am a North East Wedding Photographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  I specialise in Newcastle Wedding photography in the North East.  My work has gone viral twice and some of my brides have been published in magazines and credited on TV worldwide.  

I pride myself on having the most natural storytelling style in the area.  Within the North East I also cover Northumberland, Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Yorkshire.  Some of my most frequent venues are Le Petit ChateauLartington HallBeamish HallNewton HallWoodhill HallThe BalticLumley Castle,  Matfen Hall Doxford Barns Healey Barn and Brinkburn Priory 

As a North East Wedding Photographer, Paul Liddement Wedding Stories, I am one of Brides Up North favourite suppliers.