Wedding Stories


On your day you will always be different to a regular day.  Your adrenaline will be flowing and your spirit will be at an all time high.  So I have to be adaptable on your day.  As I fit into your needs and treasure your unique personalities, I will see a story unfolding in front of me.  I love meeting people, whether a little shy, a little proud or a little loud, I want you to be yourselves.  What better story is there than one thats just yours?


 Let's rock your story!


Stephanie + Jonathan's // Wedding-Storyboard from Middleton Lodge.

Methods: Sophisticated / Stylish / Natural


Middleton Lodge, is one of those venues that is just perfect for my style.  There is so much I can do at this venue which has never been done before.  On the day Jonny and Steph were just out to have a great time and mingle with guests, with the options available it was easy to cater my ideas to what worked for them when they were ready.  A nice, smart couple and a lovely day altogether.


Olivia + Matthew's // Wedding-Storyboard at Le Petit Chateau.

Methods: Fun / Sophisticated / Natural


Le Petit Chateau is getting to be a regular place for my work, it certainly suits the style of venue.  Olivia and Matthew were a very natural couple with a huge group of friends.  Actually when i think back to the fun we had it would be awesome to see them again in a future wedding.  A great selection of family and friends.  It was great working with you guys. xx  Paul. 


Ashleigh + Lee's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

Methods: Romantic / Woodland / Fun-Loving / Natural


Ashleigh and Lee were such a dream to work with.  So accommodating and pleasant I felt like an honoured guest!  For two very smart and genuine people it was rather funny to see their childhood pictures passed around during the speeches.  We mad a quick jaunt to the woods for around 5 minutes but we didn't need much more as by this point we were already good friends.  Thank you both so much for being lovely and I can't wait to get everything to you in time before xmas! Paul. xx


Janella + Rory's // Wedding-Storyboard from Holy Island + Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

21st April 2018

Methods: Romantic / Freeliving / Documentary / Natural


Jen and Rory's story started when Jen was a mere child visiting her grandma at Holy Island.  It held such a special place in her heart.  She met Rory in South Africa at Jaguar where he is a director, and set up camp for 9 months before moving to the USA.  Coming back to the magic of Northumberland though was Jen's dream.  What a wonderful day it was for such a wonderful couple.  In the speeches I felt like I got to know the inner Rory and it was great to see how his childhood made him the man he is today.  What a perfect couple and the images below say everything about them perfectly.  best wishes for the future.  Love_life+family-PL xx


Rachel + Andrew's // Wedding-Storyboard from Woodhill Hall.

Methods: Whimsical / RocknRoll / Natural

Rachel and Andrew were a very nice and down to earth couple who had full trust in my work.  With such a scorcher of a day we were spoilt for choice for opportunities.  A lovely crowd in attendance and a few guests who knew of my work put a smile on my face. The whimsical wonderland wedding came true for Rachel and Andrew and what a wonderful day it was!


Charlotte + Zach's // Wedding-Storyboard at Hexham Winter Gardens.

Methods: Whimsical / RocknRoll / Stylish

Charlotte and Zach booked me about 2 years ago so it was a while since we last spoke.  We got so many natural and beautiful images that we decided to get a stylish picture that hadnt been done before at the venue. All the guests were a real blast and I made a few friends on the day it was a great wedding and a beautiful setting!  xx


Melissa + Eddie's Tipi // Wedding-Storyboard from their farm home, Hepscott Manor.

Methods: Rural / Fun-Loving / Natural


This was my first Tipi wedding and wow was it fun!  Mel and Eddie were completely awesome and the amount of work they had put into the setting in their home at Hepscott Manor was immense.  They had tipis, bands a large ceremony and a variety of sheep, cows, horses and dogs overlooking the wedding.  It weas basically like a really cool mini glastonbury party, with no expense spared.


Justine + Paul's // Wedding-Storyboard at the Woodhorn Museum.

Methods: Fun / Quirky / Natural

This wedding really was a perfect fit for my style and approach.  It was different and quirky and best of all we had a lot of fun.  Every wedding is so different and it really is about reading the couple and understanding their needs with a bespoke design.  Paul and Justine were a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to seeing them again at future weddings.  xxx Paul.


Tobi + Tom's // Wedding-Storyboard from The Baltic and the Vermont Hotel, Gateshead and Newcastle.

3rd March 2018

Methods: Romantic / Quirky / Fun-Loving / Natural


This was the wedding that never went viral and we wanted to keep it that way.   Tobi and Tom had to cancel the wedding the day before due to heavy snowfallI.  It was announced on local radio by a bridesmaid as they needed a new venue away from the cut off areas of Northumberland.  The Baltic and the Vermont both stepped in and saved the day.  When I got the call my bags were packed along with my shovel and a pre-empted booking at a hotel in Alnwick to ensure I was ahead of the snow the day before the wedding to avoid any potential issues.  So when i got the call i was both hyped for digging my way through the snow in Northumberland but gobsmacked that they had managed to cancel and rearranged the whole wedding in less than a day.  

With so much on the line, family, friends, suppliers bunched together to make this the wedding to remember.  It was truly an awesome day for all as we started with snowballing at the Baltic and ended with sparklers at the Vermont.  What an amazing feat this wedding really was.  It was unprecedented, unheard of and we knocked it out of the park.  

Most of all it was just for Tom and Tobi to treasure.  There were tears of rejoice that it had all worked and I decided some stories are better experienced than told so the tears weren't for the cameras eyes.  They were for the family.  It was an intimate moment for all.  A very special occasion indeed!  Love_life+family-PL xx