Featured: Le Petit Chateau - because our brides love to have fun!

Le Petit Chateau Wedding Videographer.jpg

I typically want to work with more relaxed and fun couples and work at the kind of venues that suit them.  It is only now as the year is closing that I have a chance to look through some of the fabulous weddings I have been a part of.  When I look at some of the weddings I have done this year, some have been a blur and that is simply down to how much fun the day has been.  This wedding for example.  I mingled with guests and we had so much fun that I can't remember taking some of these images.  I guess it is down to the organic nature of my approach and more and more down to the kind of couples who like and connect with my work.  Good times, good personal connections and fun.  Im not out to win an award, I just want to see people have a great time and I want to capture your story along the way.  

Olivia and Matthew here were all about that.  With the 200 odd guests and the timings we had there was enough to get around and be part of the action in every area of the venue.  We literally spent 5 minutes on couple shots once during the day and once at night and the rest was enjoying the day and what a day it was!  I think this year I have been part of so many weddings where we have all just connected, clicked, bonded, and the day has just been another great night to remember.  Olivia and Matthew's wedding was no different.  The fabulous settings of Le Petit Chateau and very calm weather and an electric atmosphere were just enough ingredients to get us to tell this lovely wedding story.