Woodhorn Museum - A quirky, rock & roll wedding


Justine and Paul had a different kind of wedding.  One that was steeped in heritage as much as it was creativity.  When they first enquired with me I thought the wedding sounded intriguing.   Usually the kind of people who put their own ideas into play like this are very thoughtful and romantic, so I was happy to be a part of it.

Upon meeting Paul in the morning, straight away we hit it off with a similar cheeky sense of humour, but key focus on the events in hand (teacher connection).  There was an in joke about the lads painting the fence together so we replicated it for a bit of fun, (no paint though).

When I met Justine, I told her what we had done with the boys and her eyes went wide at the thought of paintbrushes and suits, but alas all was safe and fine.   Throughout the day Justine and I bonded extremely well and I just got a real sense of the style and approach that was required for the day.

When we rocked up to Woodhorn I was completely blown away.  I was so surprised to find in my research that there was nothing presentation wise that did it justice.  So being a self challenger I set out to turn this Rock and Roll wedding up to 11.

The indoors was all designed by Justine and Paul with Paul's vision and to be fair for someone who hadn't done this kind of thing before his vision was so on point. Queue round of applause for Paul! We used the interiors for some quirky and fun like images and we had a laugh doing it.

Back home we had done some shots in the garden and I couldn't help notice the connection each set of parents had with one another.  So we got a few images that fit not only the exteriors of the garden but that supported the feeling of the couples in the rain with a bit of fun too.

As we explored the grounds at Woodhorn it was very clear to me that you could easily get hundreds of cool images hear so I opted for the best ones that fit the style of the wedding in the time that didn't intrude on the time Paul and Justine had to spend with their guests. 

There are so many weddings where I feel like I have made loads of friends and this was one of them, I even got a lovely personal message off Justine the next day.

Paul paid so much attention to our personalities and how we had styled the venue. He fitted in so well, that several of our guests asked how we knew him. As soon as Paul left, my husband and I both felt like we had said goodbye to a friend.”

- Justine and Paul