Ashleigh + Lee's wedding at Healey Barn, Northumberland

Healey Barn Wedding Photographer -

Ashleigh + Lee's // Wedding-Storyboard from Healey Barn.

Methods: Romantic / Woodland / Fun-Loving / Natural



Ashleigh and Lee were such a dream to work with.  So accommodating and pleasant I felt like an honoured guest!  For two very smart and genuine people it was rather funny to see their childhood pictures passed around during the speeches.  We mad a quick jaunt to the woods for around 5 minutes but we didn't need much more as by this point we were already good friends.  Thank you both so much for being lovely and I can't wait to get everything to you in time before xmas! Paul. xx

Thank you to everyone involved on the day, I couldn't have taken these fabulous pictures without your custom in welcoming me to your party as well as your willingness and excitement for the day.  Please feel free to LIKE this post, COMMENT and SHARE and hopefully I will see you again someday!

Thanks again folks, I hope you enjoyed looking through these Healey Barn Wedding photos with Ashleigh and Lee. xx