Doxford Barns Wedding Collection


Since then we have grown together, Doxford Barns owners are big fans of my work and I am a big fan of Doxford Barns and the staff.

 I think some places you work as an outsider and that is all you are. But when you become a part of somewhere, everything gets that little bit more special.  

How?  Well we know how each other work which means schedules run smoother.  Surroundings.  I know the surroundings like the back of my hand and many a photo taken here, I took first in each area.

What works also aside from friendship and experience is my approach.  Doxford like relaxed and creative.  Me too.  So it all works well for everyone.  The brides, like you who pick this fantastic venue, do so because you want something relaxed and a bit different and beautiful at the same time.  If you can put your own stamp on it, you have a different wedding story to tell and that is why every wedding you will see here looks so different.

Design + personalisation + fun = a wedding to remember...


A guide to Doxford Barns Weddings -

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